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Along with the development of an integrated economic market and international trade, road transport is also one of the key industries that play a key role in the transportation industry. This is also a popular mode of transport in Vietnam. Therefore, logistics businesses in general and HML in particular still follow the road transport process in a methodical and professional manner, contributing to improving the company’s service quality.

So what is the transportation process by road and how can you choose a reputable transport company?

1. Road transportation services

Road transport is the most common and popular form of freight transport. This type of transport has outstanding advantages such as convenience, mobility and high adaptability to terrain conditions, with high economic efficiency on short and medium distances. The transportation service industry is growing with many types of transportation.

2. Proccess of road transportation service.

3. Risks in road transport.

Road transportation is a popular form of transportation, but there are still special risks in the process of transporting goods that every business needs to pay attention to:

  •  Long-distance transportation, perishable goods: This requires goods to be carefully preserved to avoid affecting quality, especially items with a short shelf life.

  • Other surcharges incurred such as road surcharges: toll stations, fuel fees, tolls, etc.
  • Risks due to transit time: Risks such as traffic accidents, traffic jams… in road transport greatly affect goods and delivery time.
  • Collisions affecting goods: Vehicles traveling on the road will inevitably have unexpected collisions affecting the condition of goods, even breaking.
  • Damage to vehicles: Damaged vehicles during transportation also cause more or less impact on the inland transportation process. All of these may cause delays and disruptions to shipping. Loss of trust in freight forwarders.
  • On the other hand, transportation by road is limited by the volume and size of goods, not able to carry large volumes of goods like water transport.

4. However, why is the mode of transport still chosen by many people?

  • Convenience: Users can easily request trucking services anytime, anywhere.
  • Mobility and high adaptability: Due to the type of road transport, it is highly adaptable to natural conditions. Goods will be delivered to the place, less affected by factors such as weather, climate, or terrain.
  • High efficiency: Road transport has high economic efficiency, especially for short and medium distances, low value goods. It can be seen that the cost of road transport is the lowest compared to other modes such as air, train, sea.

This is a form of always being proactive in terms of time and diversity in transporting all kinds of goods. In addition, it is considered to be flexible because it can be moved directly from warehouse to warehouse, from production to consumption, can operate in all different weather conditions, can meet the requirements of market goods. school…